Creativity in video games

Have you ever heard the saying video games rot you brain?

Plenty of people still believe this to be true. However, there are lots of games which can help a child or even an adult unlock their creative potential in many ways.

The game that this article will focus on is Terraria

Games like Terraria are unique in the sense that they do not have a particular goal like most games.

You aren't meant to follow a particular story-line or do quests in a certain order, you have the ability to play these games in any way you see fit.

These are building games. You collect building materials and create an immaculate base to protect against the foes that come out at night.

What is great about these games is that it unlocks your brain into a mode which propels your creativity. Tens of thousands of different items exists for use and so the possibilities of what you do are endless.

You could create a tree fort with rich mahogany wood, a impenetrable fortress made up of hellstone, or a fully functioning ice biome. Regardless of what you choose, the thought that goes into making these towering structures requires extreme brainpower.
A player made castle themed base in Terraria

  What makes these games so addicting is that you never run out of things to do. In most games, once you have beaten the story or campaign, then your done and the game is complete. In these games, there really is no end, you can keep creating and building forever and with the millions of possible creations, you will never run out of fun moments to keep you occupied.

Whether you want to mine to the pits of hell and fight demonic creatures or soar into the sky to battle harpies, Terraria allows you to do just that.

But maybe you want to take a break from the action and just sit back and build a base, or even sit back with a fishing rod and catch some fish in the oceans. This game allows for all that.

Another cool feature to Terraria is that it is multiplayer and so you can go on perilous journeys with your friends. Build with them or go on an adventure into the many cave systems which exist in the game, fight powerful enemies with your friends to take them down and reap the powerful rewards.
Player fighting Skeletron Prime, one of the many bosses within Terraria

Notice how the player above created his own platforms to fight the boss, it is ideas like this which truly show the creative aspects that go into this game. These games are not mind numbing like we're being told, but learning tools which we should encourage and support.


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